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that´s the way it is

just got back from the beach with sara & mariña
row row row row our canoe we did
all the way deep deep into the ocean
nothing like feeling the hot sun on your back
with a paddle in your hands splashing water

on the sand the following conversation took place
after i asked about the aparent druggie camiño [hot rock star looking boy that looks like conor here in villa]
mariña: ¿quien sera buena pareja para melissa?
sara: hmm
mariña: ¿conoces thelso?
me: si, era novio de isa
sara: pablito
mariña: ¡si! pablito
sara: pabliño
mariña: ¡¡si si, pabliño!!
me : -queue red face- no dijo nada

i then told them how i had a major crush on him last summer
mariña then went on to ask sara if he had a girlfriend and sara said no no. mariña then asked if i thought of coming back next summer...what exactly can she be thinking?

oh..and rayas el fiesta de augua. rayas. rayas. rayas. oh, si.
like anyone reading that has the slightest idea what that means

now to meet with mari & maria.
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