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killer barbies

there isnt a more relaxing way to spend a washed up sunday afternoon than listening to a little pavement.

the killer barbies played in the park last night
there was a lot of drinking done with the smoking
pabliño said he liked the cds
later in the night, around the castro-he said he loves the way i talk. the american-galician accent with all the galician slang. oh, isn´t that cute? yeah, it is.

killer barbies were great. SYLVIA SUPERSTAR IS SO HOT
i´d sleep with her
unless Camiño was around, like he was yesterday
that boy is too much, no matter how much of an idiot and bad news my friends say he is
shame he wasn´t at El Neptuno at 4am
but that boy Jacobo, that i met earlier last night at the park
he was there...he was so nice! and quite cute too!
i found out he has a kid! but good conversation is just that
hopefully he´ll spin at El Neptuno before i leave though

it sure sucked walking all the way home from El Puerto at 7am
i was still shot by that time
hah! yeah! cause i wore my green shirt, the one i wore to motherfucker and it brings me luck.
i smoked grrreat maruja twice
Jacobo [the original one] shared his stash from Amsterdamn
and later Paulini...hah, was that boy off his head last night.
well, he shared too - which was nice since he doesn´t sell

i should go get ready to meet mariña at el recanto
8;30 isnt so soon though...
i´ve still got half of a 10 to finish off
a place like el recanto should exist in new york
whoops, you can´t even smoke CIGARETTES IN BARS THERE

i´m going to settle down here one day, i will
i´ve been pulled aside twice in 2 days to be told this:
"of all the people in the world, you are one of the ones that i most trust" - diego
"you´re not 'melissa, maria´s cousin' you´re fucking melissa! my friend. of the list of people that i get along with the best, you´re up at the top" - sara

awww...and mariña saying how much it´ll suck when i leave. telling me i have to come back next year, to ortegada. saying i should just move here. i think within the next year i´ll figure that out exactly.
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