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anda hija

i´m here! i´m here!!
all the nerves washed away once i landed in santiago.
mari (my dad´s cousin), jose manuel (mari´s brother), & julian (mari´s son) all came to pick me up.
before driving into Villagarcia we stopped in Padron, where Jose Manuel lives. we went to this great little bar where we went to get a drink. i love that about spain - you just go and stop at any bar to get a coke and a tapa or two at any time of the day...

i had my much anticipated KAS LIMON (better than fanta limon). as i told them i didnt believe i was actually in spain, until we sat there under the grape vines sipping our drinks and eating fried calemari, pulpo (optopus), and fried chorizo. yum...spanish food!

we then came to Mari´s and had a little lunch of fish and a nice salad. it was then that the unbearable sleep came over me and i went to take a ´nap´, only it lasted for 7 hours. i dreamt about mike, oh the surprise! i´ll save the details of the sweet words to myself.

they woke me at 10 when my father called and gave him the "i´m fine, i got here okay". Mari is now making tortilla de patata for dinner..and Julian, the funny fantastic 9 year old that he cleaning the bathroom upon his own request for wanting to learn how to!

i´ll be staying here for a few nights as Marilo (dad´s cousin as well) is watching over her mother Lola (dad´s aunt) as she had a stroke about a week ago, luckily she´s doing well. Maria (Marilo´s daughter, like a sister to me) went off to the Ortegada Festival of Celtic music and will be back Monday.

it´s a saturday night and as much as i´d love to go ´round to El Castro and find all my friends and give them the surprise that i´m here and out and about...i think i will just stay in as i am still ridiculously tired.

*explaining who each person is, is more work than thinking of their faces. i know them all my face with name, and just as family...not relation! to that tortilla!
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