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although, i've been taking being back in NY as lightly as i can - and ive been doing a good job from not having too many's still in my subconcious. it comes out in my dreams and makes my mornings hellish.

i woke up this morning from dreaming that i was running around villagarcia saying goodbye to all my friends. only these friends were people i knew in highschool. like meghan and theodora. the crystler building stood tall right in the middle of town. and i got lost on my way to Maria's. where i actually passed Danny Wai and some other kid talking about Melissa Tricarico...why the hell did i dream about fuckers from highschool? i mean really.

the night before, it was a re-enactment of my last night in El Recanto. only i found 2 nice full pieces of hash and decided to bring them with me on the airplane.

at least, at least i've had really great people to talk to and keep my mind off things. phonecalls have been helping out a lot. i was actually able to stay up till almost 2am talking to James last night!

talk about pushing off this remainder of my jetlag. too bad i woke up at 11 though.

my computer is still fucked. but my cell phone bill was sorted out, down to only $240 - oh YAY! and daddy did actually pay the tuition bill. i think today i have to go to Valley Stream...i'm not in the mood for it. i guess it'll be nice but highly depressing telling Cassi all about Spain this summer.

i really hope something fills up this hole in me, quick.
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