lagið í gær (deado) wrote,
lagið í gær

(written january second two thousand eight.)

as much as things seem different now - there are so many things that remain the same. i'm sitting here at 1:39 am listening to radiohead's new years webcast release. twenty-four and i'm still up past 1am listening to the same bands that i was listening to past 1am 9 years ago. only nine years ago i didn't have my husband sleeping in the next room or the world's best cat at my right hand side asleep on a table. yet i have the same satisfaction listening to this band - only in better sound quality than ever before (joe bought me some kick ass shure headphones for christmas, bless his audio obsessed heart).

this live recording of Faust Arp being played up on a hill top is ridiculously great. it looks and sounds and feels wonderful. radiohead, radiohead...thank you for not sucking with time. so many bands have come and gone in my life. speaking of which it's been a two or three years since i've made a top ten of the year (and what a busy year in music it's been):

1. Plague Park (Handsome Furs)
2. Good Bad, Not Evil (Black Lips)
3. Mens Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever (Cribs)
4. You, You're A History in Rust (Do Make Say Think)
5. In Rainbows (Radiohead)
6. Random Spirit Lover (Sunset Rubdown)
7. Person Pitch (Panda Bear)
8. Favourite Worst Nightmare (Arctic Monkeys)
9. Our Love to Admire (Interpol)
10. Neon Bible (Arcade Fire)

honorable mentions:
Fort Nightly by White Rabbits (great album, not so great live)
Smoke by White Williams (more than 50% great tracks)
Don't Go by Papercuts (many good songs, pretty bad live)
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